Black History Month: Time for Change, Actions Not Words


By Rebecca Cook

Associate Director

Black History Month is a time to honour and celebrate the accomplishments and remarkable influences of people of African and Caribbean descent around the globe. It is also a time to educate and be educated about Black History, culture and why having conversations about the importance of Black History is still essential today.

This year’s theme is Time for Change, Action Not Words, which is important to us because at CM we always want to encourage a culture where we learn, evolve and celebrate everyone.

Educating and Sharing Experiences

We will continue learning and exploring different ways of immersing ourselves within the African and Caribbean culture. We'll do so with our in-house CM Film & Food Festival, a campaign launched by our internal DEI team. It was introduced on the back of last year’s successful Black History Month celebration, which featured screenings on unconscious racial bias as well as local traditional food.

For this year’ CM Film & Food Festival, we will host educational screenings every Thursday of the month of October. We will also provide traditional food from Leeds-based businesses that everyone will be able to try for a small donation to Show Racism the Red Card.

Being UK's leading anti-racism educational charity, Show Racism the Red Card provides informative sessions to more than 50,000 individuals each year. We have so many passionate sports fans within the company... so, we wanted to choose a charity that struck a chord with people. Show Racism the Red Card mirror our values, placing heavy importance on learning and education.

Celebrating diversity, equity and inclusion every month of the year

For us, Black History Month is a great way to start important conversations within the workplace. Still, we believe it is equally important to have conversations about Black History and DEI in everyday life, whether at work or outside work.

We aim to create an inclusive working environment that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion, with our internal DEI team at the forefront of positive change. We’re also working with our partner, Hatching Ideas, to help us create inclusive workplaces where people feel like they belong. That is why we are proud to recognise inclusion as a fundamental part of who we are, be it with our people or customers.

When it comes to supporting DEI externally, we have always encouraged our clients to consider a genuinely diverse, equitable and inclusive hiring strategy. 

At CM we always look for ways to further educate ourselves and our global audience on an important matter like DEI. This month we will host a webinar on diversity, equity and inclusion, free for everyone to attend. The webinar features DEI & leadership coaches, Head of Talent Acquisition for BBC News and a medal-winning European kickboxer with a fascinating story. Click here to find out more.

Whilst recognising the need for change is a step in the right direction, encouraging conversation and action is a journey we all need to take to become as inclusive as possible.

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