Our Divisions.

Our divisions partner with some of the most impressive people and companies in the Life ScienceIndustrial and Medical sectors.

CM Industrial.

CM Industrial have an ongoing positive impact on the CleanTech market: Hydrogen, Renewables, AI and Smart Buildings, to name a few. 

They are working with companies that are tackling the global plastics crisis, digitalising the energy sector, combating water scarcity and many more!

Click the video to see the people behind the division.

CM Life Science.

CM Life Science are working with some of the most exciting companies that are pioneering life-saving solutions and equipment.

They cover Diagnostics, Pharma, ResearchBiotechnology spaces and many more.

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CM Medical.

CM Medical play a crucial role in identifying talent for well-established organisations within the MedTech space as well as start-ups and SMEs that are bringing to market some of the most exciting innovations in healthcare.

That means they are partnering with pioneering clients who improve patients' lives.

Play the video to find out more about the people behind CM Medical!


You too can partner with companies that are revolutionising the future.


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