"Why I Left Charlton Morris."

By Oli Davies

Former Associate Director at Charlton Morris

My name is Oli Davies and until recently, I was an Associate Director at Charlton Morris.

This is a weird article for me to write. But I think it’s important to share my story of why I left Charlton Morris. So, here we go.

Five years ago, I applied for a role as a manager. I loved how Charlton Morris looked from the outside-in. It looked like there would be a lot of opportunities to grow and develop. When I joined, I quickly realised that this was true and within a short space of time I was promoted to Associate Director.

I was also drawn to the company culture. Even five years ago, it was more forward-thinking and progressive than a lot of other companies out there – yet alone recruitment companies.

Anyway, the let’s get down to the big question. Why did I leave?

Why I Left

I'm leaving the company to start my own recruitment business, Southall Sage. It's something that's been on my mind for a while. It’s an itch that I've needed to scratch.

I've always wanted to start my own business. I didn’t always think it’d be a recruitment one. But  after working at Charlton Morris and loving my time here (I guess I have to say ‘there’ now), it was a no-brainer.

Working at Charlton Morris has given me the confidence to start my own business. Over the last five years, I’ve been given control over my own success and learned valuable lessons along the way. It's not just about putting in the hours. It's about being open-minded, getting involved in different ways to see results and drive success. That’s very different to the way a lot of recruitment companies think.

Putting it simply, I might not have felt ready to start my own business without the time I’ve spent at Charlton Morris.

My Advice 

This is a fantastic place to work. Go and find out for yourself. 

If it’s early in your career when you do start, make sure you know what you’ve got. Recruitment companies don’t get better than this.

The company is all about employee wellbeing and creating a positive place to work that still prioritises results and reward. It's amazing to see how even the small changes over the years, like dressing more casually, have helped build a culture of flexibility and wellbeing.

The four-day week made a massive difference to my life. It gave me an extra day to spend with my daughter, which was amazing. It was rolled out perfectly, with care. This is a genuine benefit for all employees and not just a hiring tactic.

My time is up with Charlton Morris. I’ve made a lot of friends (who I will be staying in touch with) and have learned a lot. I am excited about my new adventure and want to thank everyone who has helped me get to this point.

If you’re reading this and even a little bit interested in a career with the business, speak to Chloe. She is the Head of Talent Acquisition and her email is chloe.robinson@charltonmorris.com

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